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Thus, the base definition of the word adult is the period beginning at physical sexual maturity, which occurs sometime after the onset of puberty.

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I love to wet the bed, as I have trouble sleeping untill I am warm and wet.This often encompasses the passing a series of tests to demonstrate that a person is prepared for adulthood, or reaching a specified age, sometimes in conjunction with demonstrating preparation.Most modern societies determine legal adulthood based on reaching a legally specified age without requiring a demonstration of physical maturity or preparation for adulthood.There may be distinction between commercially and socially enabling.Sometimes there is the requirement of supervision by a legal guardian, or just by an adult.Depending on the context, adult can indicate either definition.

Although few or no established dictionaries provide a definition for the two word term biological adult, the first definition of adult in multiple dictionaries includes "the stage of the life cycle of an animal after reproductive capacity has been attained".

Conversely, one may legally be an adult but possess none of the maturity and responsibility that may define an adult character.

In different cultures there are events that relate passing from being a child to becoming an adult or coming of age.

As I've mentioned in other stories, I started to wet the bed again after my divorce and, after much encouragement from other wetters on here, decided not to fight it. Bedwetting and weraing diapers with plastic panties accompanied me every night til now.

As a child before going to school I thought being diapered at night was...

The Christian Bible and Jewish scripture contain no age requirement for adulthood or marrying, which includes engaging in sexual activity.