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With producer extraordinaire Kevin ‘The Caveman’ Shirley (Joe Bonamassa, Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Rush) back at the helm, the result is the stunning rollercoaster that digs deep into the soul catalogue where they honour but re-imagine songs from Edgar Winter, Etta, James, Ike & Tina Turner/Steve Marriot, Ella Fitzgerald, Lil’ Green, La Vern Baker, Howlin’ Wolf, Lucinda Williams and Waldeck.

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Im Überblick finden Sie die wichtigsten Themen unserer Arbeit. Die auf der DVD enthaltenen Texte - ohne Bilder - finden Sie hier: Nebensachen Suchwörter Bildhauerei - wenn Sie etwas in unserer Site nicht selber finden, senden Sie uns ein Mail: wir können Ihnen bestimmt helfen! Since then, they have both been on fire, riding creative tidal waves both in the studio and live.So, the time was primed perfectly to reunite for another collection of scorching interpretations of ten soul gems that twins Hart’s breath-taking vocals, that sweep and delve deep into the belly of the song and Joe’s masterfully expressive playing make Black Coffee, released on January 26th, 2018, a captivating listen.To date, Hart has released 10 studio albums, and her most recent release, Fire on the Floor, lit a fire in the hearts of her European fans late last year and is warming the hearts of her stateside fans as well!Now, she and Joe are looking forward to releasing a third studio album together as a duo.The album is being released April 6, 2018 and features John and band performing "Them Double Blues."When Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash passed, they left behind what John Carter Cash, their son and Johnny Cash: Forever Words co-producer, describes as a "monstrous amassment of things, including a treasure trove of undiscovered material that includes Johnny Cashs handwritten letters, poems and documents, penned across the entirety of his life.

Pre-order the album now HERE and read the complete press release that includes the track listings and all of the incredible artist's that were part of this amazing project.

We try and find a different spin on it, originally it was about trying to find some songs that people didn’t know at all and bring them back to people’s attention.”One such song, was a Joe suggestion, the album opener Give It Everything You Got taken from 1971s Edgar Winter’s White Trash album, with its hard rock meets Stax infused sound, the band deliver a formidable performance.

“I don’t think that’s a song a lot of people know, it’s an old soul classic but it’s not really amongst the pantheon of the ones you expect,” says Shirley “One of the things Jeff Beck had said to me once that I thought was so wonderful was” explains Hart.

The sultry punch of Lucinda Williams’ Joy has an irresistible guttural groove.

“We have tracks like that in which, it was such a noisy jam in the studio, and I love that track, the energy in it.” Shirley enthuses.

ist ein Familienbetrieb in Steinen im Kanton Schwyz, Zentralschweiz. Aber alles kommt aus der reichen Tradition einer Werkstatt mit mehr als 50-jähriger Tätigkeit, mit der täglichen freudigen Anstrengung des Inhabers und seiner engagierten Mitarbeiter, den Horizont ständig zu erweitern, immer wieder das Allerbeste für den Kunden zu leisten.