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The Mecosta County Senior Center offers Bingo every Friday. When the senior center is closed due to weather or a holiday, bingo will not be played. I give my right bicep an experimental poke and — horror of horrors — the flesh hanging down flaps sadly back and forth.

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I dread the thought of displaying my wobbly arms next to hers, but can I do anything to banish my bingo wings? It sounds great, but Rich’s version of changing my diet is drastic.Then I follow Rich’s instructions and do 30 press-ups and 30 tricep dips — which involve gripping either side of a kitchen chair and lowering myself up and down towards the floor. I graduate to an exercise called kettlebell swings, which involves gripping the weight with both hands then moving from a squat to standing, swinging the weight above my head. I couldn’t feel happier if I’d found myself a 22-year-old Italian toyboy. This plan is definitely sustainable, so I plan to keep in shape.I find them exhilarating but the other exercises are losing their novelty. It’s not just my arms that I’m happy with: I feel healthier and more energetic, I’m sleeping better and am more confident about my whole body.Now big name brands including The Body Shop, Walkers and Snickers are cutting off lucrative sponsored content.Jack’s deals with Cadbury, Puma, Nike, Schwarzkopf and LG also hang in the balance.Date/Time Date(s) - 2/23/201 PM - PM Location (Le) Poisson Rouge Categories No Categories WIN BIG AT NYC’S #1 DRAG GAME SHOW—LINDA LOVES BINGO! Join hostess Linda Simpson as players vie for a treasure trove of prizes, from discount-store delights to a cash jackpot.

Non-stop excitement, including novelty games; a dazzling array of drag-queen and burlesque-babe spokesmodels; and drink specials determined by the “Wheel of Chance.” magazines all agree: Bingo with Linda is a blast!

My first job is to clear my kitchen cupboards of my beloved Crunchie bars and stock up on healthy meats and pulses. Instead of my usual breakfast of coffee (white, plenty of sugar) and a banana, I have herbal tea and a poached egg on toast. Day two and a delivery driver dumps my weights on my porch. Waiting for my lunchtime omelette to cook, I do the plank — a hideous stretch that involves balancing my body on just my elbows and toes, back parallel to the floor. I stick to eggs or toast for breakfast, an omelette for lunch and brown rice with salmon and spinach or grilled chicken and broccoli for dinner — which isn’t as boring as it sounds, as I add Chinese five-spice and soy sauce for flavour.

I then order weights off the internet — 5kg dumb-bells and an 8kg kettlebell (a single bell-shaped weight). It’s lovely and filling but I miss the caffeine hit. I’m so full I don’t snack, and I’ve ditched chocolate completely.

He has developed a routine using the Powerspin, a weighted device which targets the arms.

It resembles a steering wheel and consists of a weighted ball within a circular tube, which creates a centrifugal force as it is spun.

We can also reveal Jack, his brother and You Tuber Mikey Pierce made a video where they guessed teenage girls’ ages for a game.