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The son of the British Foreign Secretary has mysteriously disappeared while visiting. To the Foreign Office it seems obvious: the situation calls for the special talents of Thomas Elphinstone "Tommy" Hambledon Wikipedia.] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia Simon Fraser University Swiss Sonata (1938) [Novel, winner of the Governor General's Literary Award, set in an international school for girls located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and fully reflecting the different nationalities of the students and the dark events of the years preceding the Second World War.

It was a business necessitated by war, by the ghastly mechanics of war, by the scheming, plotting, machinations, underhand tactics, filthy murders..." He has an employee, Shaun Aloysius O'Mara, who "played the piano, rode a horse, was a good shot, could sail a boat.But Tom's journey is not just a physical one: as time passes, his character is transformed.] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia Lord Hornblower (1946) Wikipedia [Novel.It's 1813, and there has been a mutiny on a ship of the Royal Navy.The main character, Buzz Windrip is elected president on a platform of patriotism and values.Once in office, he goes in quite a different direction.Actually, Conklin recognized that the book "is fascinating reading...

Certainly Franklin wanted to have his readers haunted by the idea that some of what he was writing was actually true.

"Miss Graham's picture of Lausanne and of the school, her statement of each girl's character and her demonstration of how it is influenced by what has been done to her, are deft and delightful." (Katharine Simonds, Saturday Review, 23 April 1938)] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB The Rat Race (1950 Galaxy version) Wikipedia [Novel, a heady mixture of science fiction and political intrigue. In the explosion's aftermath, Lieutenant-Commander Frank Jacklin finds himself in someone else's body, and that's when things really start happening.

It starts in April 1945 when an atomic bomb explodes on board the U. The anonymous reviewer at Fantasy Book thought it was one of the best books of the year: "A fast-moving satire of American life, sharp, funny, and to the point." For Groff Conklin (Galaxy, October 1950) the novel lacked credibility: "There have been incredible pieces of pseudo-science fantasy in the past...

New (Canadian Literature #32 [Spring 1967]), Books in the Wilderness (January 1921) [Essay.

In 1920, Niven moved to Nelson, British Columbia Wikipedia, where he spent the rest of his life. However, as he explains, "one cannot carry a library" in a canoe.

Intended by others, that is: Catalina herself has different ideas.] HTML HTML zipped Text Text zipped EPUB Wikipedia Australian Dictionary of Biography Round the Bend (1951) Wikipedia [Novel.