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Now add Cloud Flare's free fly-by-night "universal" SSL.

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If Cloud Flare's traffic still gets through, you ask the ISP to pull the plug on Cloud Flare's racks.on the use of SSL by Cloud Flare and similar services.The Cloud Flare certificates we found all had the common name in the same style as the "" shown in that Netcraft report.It's a cash cow for everyone, but especially for bad guys.The same situation exists for anyone who needs a throwaway email address that's nearly impossible to trace.All you need for a free Cloud Flare account is a domain and an email address.

Little countries and even some little islands all have their own top-level domain these days. Many registrars around the world are pleased to sell these cc TLD and g TLD registrations.

After all, Cloud Flare has engineers who come up with clever techniques to enhance SSL.

But imagine that you are a government regulator in a country where a big ISP hosts a Cloud Flare "data center." Your job is to consider the Internet in terms of public safety and current laws, and you go to that ISP with a list of Cloud Flare-user domains you want blocked.

Paid accounts make up about five percent of the domains that use Cloud Flare, according to news reports.

It's all a marketing effort anyway, whether paid or free.

There is no such thing as "secure" SSL when you have potential Men-In-The-Middle at scores of data centers around the world.