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We are eager to serve children and families through ...In Sunday School classes at 9am & 11am, a team of worship leaders, teachers, and small group leaders guide children in a variety of activities, encouraging them in the knowledge of Christ and his word.

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We welcome new choir members (ages 16 & above) at any time during the choir season.Through each facet of our ministry, we seek to point students to Jesus and an ever-increasing delight and maturity in him.LEARN MORE GROUPS & CLASSES VOLUNTEER Through times of teaching and fellowship, we seek to lead Sr High students (Grades 9–12) to learn from God’s word, build relationships with one another, and connect to the local church.A Meetup is a simple shared meal in one of the homes of your Bethlehem neighbors.It's a chance to do as the church has always done—breaking bread in our homes and receiving our food with glad and generous hearts. We aim to employ a variety of musical forms and expressions from both the past and the present. Paul, our main parking lot is immediately off the 7th Street exit. Each week, as we gather for corporate worship, we celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ with a four-fold order of service: 1) God is holy, 2) We are sinful, 3) Jesus saves, and 4) Jesus sends.

(See all parking options.) Just inside the main entrance is a Welcome Desk staffed to help you with any questions you may have. Through Scripture reading, prayer, and singing, we rehearse this gospel and confess the unsurpassable worth of Jesus Christ.

Parents fill out the Family Registration Form for classes, and check in at a kiosk upon arrival to print a name tag for each child.

LEARN MORE GROUPS & CLASSES VOLUNTEERThrough times of teaching and fellowship, we seek to lead Middle School students (Grades 6–8) to learn from God’s word, build relationships with one another, and connect to the local church.

We support and encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities and special needs in the life and work of the church, including worship services, Sunday School for children & youth, and special events for families affected by disability.

ways to connect and find support opportunities to serve If your child needs a one-on-one aide in Nursery or Sunday School, it is helpful if you let us know you will be coming.

Deacons lead teams of members to serve through Meals Ministry, Practical Help (handyman projects, outdoor maintenance, car repair), Host Homes, and Mercy Ministries (Jericho Road).