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If you use a VPN, you not only connect to the internet through an encrypted server but you can access content that is blacklisted by the Australian government.

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Also accessing streaming services that are available in other countries is not possible with an Australia IP address.Express VPN can also boast to having the best customer service team out of my 3 recommendations.When I first signed up to Express VPN my login details were sent to me instantly.The first is hiding your identity on the internet and the second is using a new IP address so you can bypass geo-restrictions on content.For Australia this means that you can ensure that your activity is not monitored.A VPN allows you to bypass these content restrictions and also connect through an encrypted server so your activity cannot be monitored.

Using a VPN is not only cheap and easy, but it enhances your privacy online and provides a large amount of security.

Summary: Australia has been clamping down on internet freedom and the 2011 Australian Communication and Media Authority act (ACMA) blacklisted over 500 websites.

Accessing certain content such as streaming services is difficult and protecting your privacy is vital.

A VPN provides protection, anonymity and also lets you access content that you normally wouldn’t be able to with an Australian IP address.

Below, we review 3 top VPN companies and we show you what you can expect from their service.

They provide a 30 day money back guarantee so you have plenty of time to see if the VPN is for you as well.