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Dating a smith and wesson revolver

What be is that the PPU primers were too hard for this gun to handle. Conclusion It seems to me that Smith & Wesson built the BODYGUARD 38 to a price point, with little thought as to whether or not it was good. A buyer who wants a .380 pistol would not go wrong with the BODYGUARD 380.

This very nice rifle comes with a Tasco 3-12 X 40 power rifle scope. Click for more info COMPLETED 1969 THIS IS A CONSECUTIVE NUMBERED PAIR WITH FACTORY LETTERS . THE 30-06 WAS ENGRAVED BY LEO BALA AND ROBERT RUNGE. Click for more info Remington Model 552 Semi Auto 22 Rim Fire Caliber, Fires Short, Long and Long Rifle without adjustment. This is the NP or Nickel plated version that Remoington did for 2 years only. Some two point bracket has been removed and holes plugged on the forearm. Click for more info According to the barrel dating code this Remington Model 740 Woodsmaster was made in 1955, making it a first year production gun for this model. Click for more info Remington 597 Synthetic 22LR Rifle.The BODYGUARD 38s thumb-operated ambidextrous cylinder release latch (atop the frame and the laser affixed to the right side) is especially disconcerting.The release latch is moderately flared on its top and left side, providing the shooter with an extra bit of purchase while unlatching the cylinder. The BODYGUARD 380 is Kylie Minogue to the BODYGUARD 38’s Nikki Blonsky. Rifle is used in good condition, stocks have a few light dings and scratches, bore is very good. The wood and blue steel are both in excellent condition. Click for more info Remington 11-87 SPORTING CLAYS 12 gauge. Click for more info Remington 241 .22 SHORT ONLY, in full chrome finish, very unique,possibly a gallery rifle? Click for more info .22 long rifle caliber, 24" barrel with the take-down feature (very similar to the Browning). Very Good AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT OUR ON-LINE STORE Tube Feed Magazine Cracked Butt Plate SPECIFICATIONS MAKE: REMINGTON MODEL: 550-1 CAL: 22LR ... Click for more info Remington 241 speedmaster, 22 semi auto take down off the Browning SA design. Click for more info Remington 742 in 30-06, drilled and tapped reciever, wood stocks with checkering. Click for more info This is a very nice Remington model 742 in .308 Win. Click for more info Remington model 81 Woodmaster in the hard to find 30 Remington. Nice clean gun, factory finish on both wood and metal. Stock and Forarm are in Excellent Condition, the Receiver and Barrel are also in amazing c ... Used Remington Speedmaster 552 Normal wear and tear for a used gun Look at pictures closely Fixed Bushnell sportsview Does have iron sights Contact Gold N Guns with any ... Click for more info Remington 550-1 22LR Semi-Auto Rifle.Reliability zero – * * * * * This pistol has second strike capability, and boy did I need it.

I suffered an appalling 15% – 20% misfires with certain ammunition. OVERALL RATING * * * * The BODYGUARD 380 plenty accurate despite vestigial iron sights.

Comparing the spent Fiocchi cases to the PPUs that didn’t light the first time, the strikes on the Fiocchis seemed much deeper.

That can’t be, not if the all cartridges fit the chamber properly. No pistol can selectively strike one brand’s primers better than another. Despite the two-handed laser deployment, the Bodyguard 380 is an accurate, easy to carry pistol that’s also a fun shooter that will be enjoyed at the range.

Springfield’s diminutive .38 caliber revolver and .380 semi-automatic pistol have been selling like ballistic hotcakes.

With Smith’s factories running full out, supplies of both guns are finally easing.

If it had a lanyard ring, it could be hung from a gold chain and worn like a necklace. Ergonomics (firing) * * * * The grip is comfortable and even has room for all three fingers including the pinkie. The trigger is too heavy by 50%, but its smooth enough.