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Dating costume jewelry clasp

In the 1960s Monet once again changed their styles to complement the fashion trends of the public.

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The jewelry designed with classic simplistic beauty was often embellished with sparkling Austrian crystals or rhinestones. Among their many popular designs were figural pieces such as poodle dog pins, bow pins, charms and charm bracelets.In 1937, the Chernow brothers changed the company's name and began marketing the jewelry under the name Monet.Over the years the Monet Company has been sold several times.An exquisite example of the Monet Art Deco style is found on the Annie Sherman Vintage Jewelry website.The elegant black enamel brooch with spectacular crystal rhinestone accents is circa 1985.The hook fits into and around a small bar and then twists and locks into place when pushing inward This fish hook is for a triple strand necklace Two Walter Lampl padlocks; they open with a tension mechanism in the handle Two padlocks which need a key to open Pin and Barrel Clasps, when the pin is pushed into the barrel, it locks in place Coiled clasps work like key-rings, you thread one end through the coil until the piece is fully closed Snap Clasp aren't very common in jewelry, but they can be found.

The study of jewelry marks is a fascinating subject infused with history, culture, and art.

Here is a 1960's 3-piece set consisting of a bib necklace and clip earrings.

The big and bold necklace has three strands of satin finished and ½ inch goldtone filigree beads.

When Michael and Jay Chernow began their company in Providence, Rhode Island, they had no idea they would become one of the most popular and enduring costume jewelry manufacturers of the century.

Forming their business in 1927, the brothers called it the Monocraft Products Company.

They were the first costume jewelry design house to add their company mark to every jewelry piece they manufactured.