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Dating sites like myyearbook com

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Meet Me is constantly analyzed using the traditional metrics that I think don’t capture where it stands against its real competitors, and more importantly, what its future might be.

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With the acquisition of Skout, Meet Me will have more International users, but International users have lower Average Revenue Per User ("ARPU") when compared to USA and will lower margins.d) Costs of Skout Acquisition The Skout acquisition was for around 3.5 Mobile MAUs and 0.9 Mobile DAUs, all this for $28.54M in cash and 5.37M common shares of Meet Me, which according to MEET's presentation comes around $54.6M in enterprise value. MEET should be able to make the payment in 2016 Q3 or Q4, but it's still going to lower the cash for MEET near or below $10M if MEET doesn't continue to grow its cash reserves at the fast pace it has done in the past two quarters.This is an important number because MEET has previously said that it doesn't like to operate below this Yearbook was quite popular as it catered to gamers and people interested in Yearbook had rapid growth going from around 3M MAUs in 2006 to around 10M MAUs in 2008.Meet Me recently has done a good job in monetizing its users, but there's a limit in the number of ads they are able to show.

I) OVERVIEW Peter Lynch once said, "Invest in what you know," a principle I believe should be followed by all investors.

Their Ad Team has been monetizing in international for multiple years. Is MEET having trouble gaining traction against Tinder and POF, and OKC in the U. I think they are, so they have decided to attack the international markets. But international CPM rates are much lower when compared to the U. Please see below how Facebook's (NASDAQ: FB) rates compared across different countries/regions: SOURCE: Facebook presentation from 2016 Q3.

After all, there are only so many ads you can present to U. FB's average ARPU is around $13.74 for advertising in the U. and Canada, but the ARPU for the Rest of the World is only $1.12.

Vice versa, fewer users lower the amount of ads that can be served.

However, users alone are not the only input to calculate how much someone pays Meet Me for an advertisement.

Skout skews more toward Asia and more internationally with the top 10 countries of the U.