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Dating soulmate in iran

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Since some young Iranians use these websites for dating and not necessarily marrying, the state regularly closes the sites.

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With our app, we will provide many fun ways for you to connect with your ideal date.Iranian Personals is an online dating site for single Iranian nationals.Their service is subscription based, but you can create a free profile, browse the site and send your first message for free when you visit.If I don’t marry everyone will think there’s something wrong with me.My society doesn’t understand that someone might just like to remain single,” Abbasi says, although she has registered on the Tebyan website.Afterwards they are invited to an interview at the headquarters of Tebyan’s matchmaking website where further evaluation as well as verification is conducted.

From then on it’s up to the software and the mediators to find suitable matches for each registrant.

I’m too used to it and the man I marry will have to respect that.” Abbasi is not alone in demanding more equality in marriage; of the eight women working at her company, five are single and are not prepared to give up their careers for marriage.

“We’ve worked too hard in this male-dominated society to reach where we are,”says Abbasi, “but looking back, if marriage was my main goal, I should have done so when I was 25.” Iranian women like Abbasi have done much more than their previous generation; there are nearly twice as many female students as males in Iranian universities and colleges, and the presence of women in the workforce has also greatly increased in the last two decades despite resistance from traditional sectors of society.

Poverty or being unable to find the right partner are only part of the reason why marriage rates have dropped.

Many young Iranians, especially women no longer consider setting up a family as their priority.

Everyone who registers on Tebyan’s website has to fill in a number of questionnaires.