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Droid weather not updating

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Also I had to reinstall galaxy gear manager, now my weather updates hourly. I use Beautiful Widgets on my phone, but BW uses accuweather. Sometimes leaving the Location on for several hours when I wish to receive weather updates.

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Hi there, I'm hoping someone has seen a fix for this.At that point, I tried absolutely every thing I could think of to get it working and NOTHING worked.I finally figured out that the acuweather site was not working right. I just purchased a Galaxy Note 4 and for an added $55 deal I got the Gear 2 Neo smartwatch with it.If you remember, Motorola’s circle weather clock widget that came with the RAZR M was looked so stunning that every Android user wished to have it.The DROID TURBO comes with the new avatar of the old circle widget.The new widgets is more compact and has a single circle that displays, weather info, date and time, battery status, calendar shortcut and reminders (tap the 3-dot icon on the circle edges to see them all).

While the old circle widget from the RAZR M worked only with the stock Motorola launcher, the new widgets can be installed independently and be enjoyed with any home launcher.

The DROID TURBO was officially unveiled on October 28 and is currently available with Verizon only.

The phone packs together top-notch specs like a 5.2-inch quad HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, Quad-core 2.7 GHz chipset, 3GB RAM, 21 MP rear and 2 MP front camera, 32/64 GB storage and a powerful 3900 m Ah non-removable battery.

Like most Android flagships, the new DROID TURBO went through a round of leaks, rumors and speculations before finally being official.

Motorola, a Lenovo company now, has launched the device.

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