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Error updating the administration application pool credentials sharepoint

error updating the administration application pool credentials sharepoint-37

Now, do the same for the Central Administration Web application pool, as well.Now, both the web applications have their identity updated and have been started.

error updating the administration application pool credentials sharepoint-53

With Share Point 2016 Mini Roles, Servers (dedicated for specific functionalities) were introduced, which was an attempt to off load the Share Point Server from some of the functionalities.Another setback, the timer service did not start due to a logon failure.So, the whole error boiled down to the user account issue.However, you get a 503 error and the page does not load.After checking IIS Manager, you find the application pool process for the Central Administration site has stopped. Trying to go through the configuration process I got stuck at the point of setting the App Configuration credentials (Configure Esri Maps for Share Point—Esri Maps for Share Point | Arc GIS).

Being a site collection administrator, I am able to open the App Configuration.

As suspected, the Share Point Timer Service is in stopped state for some reason.

So, I tried to start the timer by clicking on Start.

Let’s head over to the Share Point Central Administration.

Problem You install Share Point 2010 and just after running the Share Point Farm Configuration Wizard, you browse to the Central Administration Site.

You'll start out by first just reviewing the current identity of the web application.