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Make it very clear they need to press the button to call.

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Many simply drown in their own gibberish before they start.The smoothie is classed as grocery and the sausage roll as eating out. You also get a little map to remind you exactly where you bought it in case you’d had eight pints before buying a smoothie, I mean sausage roll. The transfer arrived safely even though I was left in limbo for a couple of days. Spending is categorised so you can see how much you’re flitting away on needless snacks. When you spend abroad you see immediately the foreign spending converted into sterling with the exchange rate you're likely to get.When you spend money you see what you’ve spent immediately in the app with a little map of where you were geographically. It’s good in theory for sticking within a tight budget.When the internet first came along, that same excitement beamed down all over again. Email’s only ever been a chore, Facebook‘s a bore and Twitter’s where you scrawl what you once etched into the school desk and toilet cubicle wall. I’d tried one of the wacky new internet-only banks, Egg, when it launched in the 90s.It was as magical as trying to understand email for the first time was baffling. That lot kindly added PPI after I’d told them not to before they went on to get fined for mis-selling PPI and quietly vanishing into the banking footnotes of Wikipedia.I’ve sat in pitches where inventors claim to be sitting on the greatest disruptive technology ever thought of but can’t explain what it is.

Fintech — or financial tech — start-ups, have a slightly better outlook.

There'll always be a lot of excited talk about start-ups when companies such as Snap, behind the picture sharing app, is valued of tens of billions of dollars based on guessed future profits.

But Snapchat is popular, edging towards 200million users at the last count.

I also tried the recent, exciting challenger bank, Metro. It was great for a while — then it limited its worldwide fee-free cash withdrawals to Europe presumably once it remembered it was a bank and needed to make money.

But its website was terrible — a kind of free off-the-shelf DIY affair you wouldn’t bother paying for when the trial came to an end.

Thanks to the almost total global financial collapse in the late noughties caused by banks and bankers, there is a tantalising Snapchat-sized jackpot for anyone who can create a new type of bank.