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Hayden and milo still dating

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James) she is able to think quickly on her feet and handle various situations, such as improvising rooms for people when the inn catches fire.As a teenager, Lorelai dated Christopher Hayden, son of Straub and Francine Hayden, while in high school, and became pregnant right before her society debut (at age 16), which embarrassed and disappointed her parents.

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Her life growing up was complicated due to an overbearing, neurotic mother and a workaholic father, who both expected Lorelai to live in their world of privilege.Some people in the town believe Luke and Lorelai are meant to be together but neither seem to want to ruin their relationship with romance or maybe the opportunity just hasn't arisen yet.Either way, Luke is a constant fixture in Lorelai and Rory's lives as they meet almost every morning at his diner for breakfast.After an agonizing delivery, Lorelai Leigh Gilmore was born.She lived with her parents for a year before running away to find a job at the Independence Inn in Stars Hollow.She does not cook; when not eating leftover takeout or junk food, she frequents Luke's diner.

Rory and Lorelai usually enjoy breakfast at Luke's daily, and sometimes eat lunch or dinner there as well.

The inn is where she met her best friend, chef Sookie St. The three share an odd, but loving relationship and grow closer as the years go on.

Sookie and Lorelai's friendship has become a very intensely devoted friendship.

She is also known for being very talkative and having a way with words; Max Medina calls her a "wordsmith".

Additionally, as the manager of the Independence Inn (later as a co-owner of the Dragonfly Inn with Sookie St.

Lorelai is a highly talkative, free-spirited woman, a child of the eighties and part of the MTV generation.