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Could you make me feel more pathetic to serve you Angel?

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Nothing can stop you now that you are in our quarters.Believe me, I know, I spent years licking and sucking her pussy. She had a small body like yours and black hair too,tho she was Irish. She came out to the shop fully dressed in a very nice midi dress.I did have a sex addiction to licking and sucking her pussy. (google it…some nice photo’s woman sitting in chair and the man/slaves face strapped under her ass) (tho I disagree with the authors concept of facesitting….should have a hard cock all the time he pleasures his mistress) My wife/mistress were married so this was financial domination………but close to it. She just straddled my head when I came out from under the car and told me she needed a good licking before she went shopping.Now I always enjoy telling a little loser that they are a dipshit, I mean what could be easier. So take a little humiliation pig and mix in a bit of financial domination. Not only do you need to hear what a little fucking worm you are.Stating the obvious and being honest come naturally. Whether the humiliation is for a small penis or whether it is just because you are a loser in general. And I am happy to have you send moneyand gifts to reinforce how stupid you are.I am basically looking for a “Special Mommy” figure to help me with my fetish. Not the kind that just wants sex with their Mommy, a real Mommy that can diaper me whenever I wet or dirty up my diapers and then play with me with nurturing playtime.

Yes I will get turned on with you talking baby talk to me and treat me like a true “Adult Baby”. , I am so glad you looked me up and I can feel you must have read my profile seeing that I deal with Mommy fantasies and Adult Babies. In fact I love the ones that just need a Mommy figure to comfort them and love them and nurture them to feel like a baby again.

Not like it is ever going to impress me loser, but ya, keep sending it and try.

Your chances of anything about a worm like you ever impressing me **HA**dream the fuck on.

If you are ready to set up a day and time to start your hypnotic experience with me give me a call and I will be honored to assist you my love.

Therapist Valerie Do you have something you need to confess to me? I want to hear all the nasty naughty taboo fantasies that makes that dirty mind of yours turn you on and make you want to do those naughty things with a lucky girl on the phone.

So while she was smoking a cigarette and having me lick and suck her pussy……was taking the money from my wallet.