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International dating online for chat friends

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Please Don't forget to read the Rules Section before entering the Chat Room.

Today is 7th January 2012 when I am writing this in my website for all my readers.Chat friends are people who have met via the Internet in chats, forums, online community, online games or other Internet related activities.For the most part, however, chat friends meet in different chat forums or chat rooms.Few things I wish to achieve through my chat room which are as follws: 1.My Chat Room is an English Chat Room for all English speaking countries so that users can learn good communication in English along with fun of Chatting. I want to create a decent, friendly and happily chatting environment for Chatters all over the world.She was a very simple, nice, decent and well mannered girl whom I luckily found well among 80-90 chatters as an stranger.

During Chatting we discussed lot of things related to our life such as our lifestyle, about our friends, hobbies, likes-dislikes, about our families and much more.

Due to higher studies now-a-days I am not getting sufficient time to Chat but whenever Its possible I try to enter my chat room, it really gives a lot of satisfaction and pleasure to watch friends chatting happily in groups in my Chat Room.

Thats the main thing for what I tried to open a Chat Room.

Its nearly 2 years since then when we met each other.

Our friendship is still strong and No doubt that we both got a true lifetime friend in the form of each other.

Whatever problems came in our life, we shared, discussed and supported each other every time.