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Moon dating agency

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“Whenever and wherever I found a potential safety issue, I always did my utmost to make some noise about it, by memo or whatever means might best bring attention to it,” he wrote in his 2012 memoir, Forever Young.

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No one yet knows if aliens exist in this distant subsurface ocean.Following a further Gemini mission he orbited the moon in 1969, two months before the Apollo 11 landing.He returned to the satellite in 1972, when he landed on its surface to collect samples.Or maybe Saturn's gravity — through a process similar to tides on Earth — could knead and heat Enceladus' rocky core as it orbited the planet. However, the existence of Enceladus' ocean wasn't confirmed until after the arrival of NASA's Cassini spacecraft in 2004.The nuclear-powered probe discovered and flew through the moon's icy jets, giving scientists a crude "taste" of the water's other ingredients — including gases that microbes could feed on, salts, and tiny grains of silica rock from the seafloor.What researchers were less certain about is how long the ocean of Enceladus has existed.

On Earth — the only inhabited world we know of — it took nearly a billion years for life to emerge, then billions more to thrive and diversify into plants and animals.

When the Europe-based research group assumed the moon's rocky core was more porous than solid (which is the going theory), their simulations showed tidal friction could generate enough heat to form a global ocean.

There was also enough warmth to keep the ocean liquid for tens of millions or perhaps billions of years, according to a NASA-JPL press release.

"We don't know how long it takes for the origin of life to occur, but more time is probably better." Scientists long suspected Enceladus might hide an ocean.

They reasoned radioactive elements could heat up the moon's rocky core enough to melt surrounding ice.

Deep inside Enceladus, an icy moon of Saturn some 890 million miles from Earth, one of our best chances of discovering alien life is heating up.