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Around 60 per cent are immune, but for the rest there is a risk of passing the infection to their unborn baby.

Our little princess Snow White is under your care for the day.As well as increasing the chance of miscarriage by ten per cent, in a small number of cases the virus is transmitted through the placenta and can cause the baby to become anaemic and swollen.If an expectant mother believes she has caught it, her GP can do a blood test.The color is a dusty rose; I'd describe it as a light '90s brown, but warm enough to look like you're living in 2015, even with fair skin. The Lipliner The lipliner is soft and glides on easily.It's super-pigmented — a little darker than you might expect and a touch deeper than the lipstick.of followers hungry for updates on the lipliner and liquid lipstick duos almost instantly — it was going to sell no matter what Jenner and her team put into the Kylie-branded boxes.

And that it did: All three colors of $29 Lip Kits sold out almost immediately and within minutes they started hitting e Bay, selling now for upwards of $300. But I have some news: It actually The Color I gravitated toward Candy K, the lightest hue, which Kylie later told me was also her favorite.

Slapped Cheek Syndrome is a mild infection caused by a virus known as Parvovirus B19.

It is airborne (passed on by coughs and colds that project drops of saliva through the air): around 60 per cent of adults will have had the disease and so be immune.

I would equate it to Sephora's long-wear Cream Lip Stain or even Chanel's Ultra Wear Lip Colour, sans gloss.

Hours after applying it, I put it to the ultimate test: a sub sandwich lunch with extra sauce, eaten like a lady.

Help our princess heal her wounds using the best tools and medicine in all of China. Your favorite little princesses are having a sleepover party!