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Russian girl dating adore fishing

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And something better, something truly fun, something really satisfying comes when I get to go all the way with a boy. None of my neighbors would guess I sometimes keep boys tied up in my basement. I smile like a caring, loving Mom and talk like that kind of dull vanilla Mom. I checked and there were still no other cars around so I slipped the collar around his neck and buckled it. And I raped his butt hard with the huge dildo he'd failed to clean up my man couldn Needless to say I quit playing with my lost boys at my own home after that. I hadn't broken his spirit yet but we'd made a good start. His hands were cuffed behind him and his ankles were shackled. With his butt hanging over the edge, a belt wrapped tight around his waist holding him down and in place. I can adjust the height so the piston lines up perfectly with your hole. We'd been lovers since eight grade and we'd snuffed our first guy together when we were seventeen. The Stallion sits in a metal frame that's on wheels. After a while the rhythm lulls the victim into a kind of stupor. I think it was the second time Daddy had passed out.

That's what makes it so precious and so wicked and so delicious. It's a plain building and it has its own fenced off parking space with a remote control gate. And because it's in an industrial section nobody pays attention if I bring a boy home in the middle of the night. It happened the weekend I went to a femdom convention in Boston. I'd left a boy chained down in a hole in the floor. I wanted the cops to think my plumber had been lured to this desolate place for a garden variety robbery. Anyway, I kept hitting him and beating on him the whole time. Usually when I snuffed a boy I didn't leave the bodies behind to be found. I didn't have experience staging a murder so I wasn't implicated. I just want to take you home and tie you up and hurt you. And make your last couple of days as hellish as I possibly can." I had to laugh. The boy was already promising to do whatever I said. He was only out four or five minutes before he was groaning and begging me to stop. I might want to keep him alive for a couple months before I snuffed him. Seeinghis reaction to the ball busting and tit burning more than made up for itthough. This was a lot more fun than twisting Billy Gentry's tits. A girl gets like that sometimes when she'soverly stimulated.Synopsis: Amanda Ryan is a vibrant young woman who likes to play rough, likes to play by her own cruel rules and just loves to play for keeps when she can get away with it. But I keep trying to equal that magnificent experience. I won My little reverie about how good it is to be cruel and wicked was interrupted by jimmyslut. Poor boy was so worn out he was half asleep even with the vibrators chewing away inside his asshole. Well buddy boy youd tortured him for hours but he was young and strong and he looked like he could last for days if we could control ourselves. I patted the mattress next to me and invited my sexy hot girl friend to join me. And her lips on my pussy send shivers up my spine every time. And judging from what our newest friend has hanging between his legs I think I know who wed brought him in from the garage. Seeing the blood throb in his prick like that made me want to mount the snuff puppet right then. My cruel little lover laughed, then nodded her head yes. I love the feel of a big fat dick sliding in and out my cunt.And the sadistic and sexy seductress has a real knack for getting away with it once she has a boy in her embrace. I was eager for my lover to arrive so we could finish off my boy and start on hers. The thrill of getting to be s creul as I wanted had kept me going till now. Having two wildly pulsating vibrators shoved up your ass for five hours tends to wear a boy out. She laughed, slipped out of her clothes and dragged the new boy over to the bed. Even now almost twenty years since we first fell into bed together and lesbo-fucked a way an entire weekend. Especially since we had two virile young men to torture and snuff after. He had a damn fire hose hanging down from the light brown pubic hair in his crotch. She stuck out her lower lip in that pouty sort of way like she was sorry and knew she was in trouble. Of course fucking a big cock while torturing the boy it My dungeon play space is equipped with all the conveniences. I left the plastic bag tied over his head while I went through his pockets and took his keys, his wallet and the ring from his finger. One piece was about two feet long and two inches in diameter. My instincts said keeping my sadistic nature hidden was vital. His eyes were cloudy, his lips were purple and he had no pulse. And we played a lot more games with Dad that night. If something goes wrong I can torch the place to destroy any evidence. I'd made a mistake letting Charlie into my basement without first making sure all my toys were hidden. I dragged the man's body into the back of his truck through the gap in the seats. I was sure I'd have to find another man pretty soon so I could strangle him real slow.s consuption. I was laughing as I put my loot in another plastic bag then checked on Charlie one last time. At the pace we wereworking Dad over it was obvious we'd have to switch up frequently if wewere going to get all the pleasure from the man's torture we possibly could. I must have had a dozen orgasms just fromthat one little game. The dildo penetrated a good two inches if he relaxed. Another three full turn of the gear and the dildo slid right up to his sphincter another two inches. The first nine inches were really three balls each three inches in diameter. It was fun watching the flames work their way up his body, licking away at the unburned flesh, leaving behind a blackened husk everywhere they burned.

Jimmyslut couldnd get the full length of the stroke inside him once I turned on the machine. As it was we took a break after we got enough smoke in the men They were still breathing when we set them on fire. He looked at me when I poured the oil over his head. I used my silver Zippo and started the fire at Daddys feet.

I pulled the end free and ran it through the posts in the head rest. I liked to get intimate with my boys when I tortured them. I hate to break it to you like this but you might not make it baby. Frank setup a fake company, bought the place and I'm still using it today more than a dozen years later. When he saw my new fucking machine jimmyslut started to hyperventilate. I cut and burned his pants off and just ripped his shirt from his body. There were no clothes for him here, no way to hide his body from me. Put a three inch diameter dildo on the thing and you wouldn't believe how loud you can make a boy scream. His butt hole was completely exposed and his cock and balls dangled off the edge of the bench. I don't film all my boys but jimmyslave already seemed special. But just to make sure I anchored the fucker to jimmyslut's bench with two steel rods custom made for just such a purpose. You'll know better the next time we fuck your butt. I'm going for eight inches of penetration right away. He was already shaking so hard even his ass hole was bouncing around. It's some sort of electronic brain that can control the speed and the depth of the fuck. His screams started to sound more like an animal's than anything human. And that's what it was all about, me having a fantastic time at my slut's expense. Mom said it didn'tcount if he passed out but his heart didn't stop. They knew exactly how my Aunt plannedon dealing with them. Mom gave Tricia one and the three of us went to fetch her Dad. He spassed out so Mom and I could jam our stun guns in his crotch and let the man have a good long jolt. Tricia tossed some of his jeans and shirts in a duffle bag, I grabbed his fishing gear out of the garage and twenty minutes after getting there we left for the cabin with two men bound and gagged on the floor of Daddy Doing our Dads at the cabin was marvelous. Mom said we could do just about anything we wanted except break bones. I was the last sight my Dad saw when his heart stopped and his eyes glazed over and his silly life drained away for good.

The chain I'd cuffed his feet to went under the seat and up the seat back to a Velcro strap. I'd keep a boy there for a day or two but I decided not to snuff them at home. So I spent the next four days with a realtor looking for a play space and eventually found the old warehouse. And nobody's come snooping around to see what's going on inside. I'd stripped his clothes off when I'd unloaded him from the SUV. And an excellent way to impress a boy with just how hopeless his situation is. Fifteen minutes of hard butt fucking and the boy was incoherent. Just because I wanted to have a little fun with a virgin. I was fitting the massive dildo on my fuck machine. I had his ankles cuffed to an overhead frame so his legs were spread real wide. Once we get this one started I'll roll my old fucking machine over to the head of the bench so I can fuck your throat at the same time. " Before I moved the machine over I setup the video camera. I was going to call her and tell her all about jimmyslut. I can raise the wheels once it's in place and the whole machine settles down nice and solid on big rubber feet. So I used a feature I had added to my fuck machine. Iit might punch the dildo in ten inches for a few times at about sixty times a second then change to half a dozen six inch penetrations at 240 beats per minute. And from the way all the boys react I Jimmylut did good on what I like to call the wild pony ride. Itwas after midnight and we were just getting started on him. She snuck up behind him and let his have it in the neck.

No other cars or people were in sight when I pulled over. The boy opened the door and smiled tentatively at me and tossed his backpack behind the front seat. Most women just need a little encouragement and the right situation to let their naughty side out. He had on sweat shirt with their name and I'd stopped less than five miles from the campus. I waited till he had the door closed and his seat belt fastened before I jammed the stun gun in his crotch and pressed the trigger down for a good five seconds. His body did that lovely little dance, all those lovely spasms when his muscles went all rigid and he shook and jerked. So if he was as bright as he looked he'd have it figured out on his own soon enough. I zapped him three more times before I got back to interrogating him."Let's start fresh shall we sweetheart. I knew it was headed to the incinerator the next morning. I made a fist once my fingers were in so my hand was bigger going in. Feeling the boy's entire body clench itself tight against my hand up inside him felt too good. I punched in and out past his sphincter a dozen times just to prolong his agony and prolong my fun. I like a boy who can express the pain he's in."I know it hurts hon. Scream and curse and feel the pain hon." God he was good. Or I get in a rush cause I really, really want to do a boy. Remembering how dreamy Momseemed after one of those weekends I couldn't resist asking her how it feltto kill a man. This was all the way back in nineteen ninety or so before the portable defrib machines became popular. But it's not if you remember that the reason womenlike Mom and me like to snuff men is because basically we like to hurt them,we like to make them suffer, we like taking everything thy have away fromthem.

No need to give the cops any more clues than necessary when this kid disappeared. My sond be surprised just how many cruel and wicked Moms are out there. His eyes bulged out in pain and his arms and legs were twitching like he was having some kind of a fit. If he'd been weaker it probably would have killed him. Later I checked his wallet and found out he was twenty. I'd guessed he was a student from the college up the road when I stopped. They're so much more fun to torture if they don't pass out the first time they feel a little bit of excruciating pain. I quit torturing the boy long enough to let the truck pass. You can control how much I hurt you by cooperating. And just who do you think is going to come looking for you? When the lighter popped out I lit up a Virginia Slim then pressed the lighter's metal ring, still glowing hot and orange, against the inside of Jimmy's left thigh. I saw the flames start in the truck as I pulled out of the parking lot. The bag I'd stuffed Charles money and wallet and ring in went into a dumpster miles from the parking lot. But I get fooled sometimes by their damn baggy clothes. But she was always in a good moodfor days after one of those very special sessions. The trick would be to revive him after each of the first few killsso we could do him again. He got her one of those semi-portable defibrillators. It sounds like the opposite of what you'd want to do ifyou wanted to kill a man.

I leaned over the boy to get a good look at his face. That was fun but not as fun as when the flames reached his chest and then his head and started to eat away at his face. I stopped by my place and finished up that project I was working on.