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Included are both the USC letter, followed by the UKC supporting letter. The custody agreement explicitly states USC is not allowed to take (******x *** ***xx) out of Florida unless it is under specific circumstances regarding benefits for the Childs welfare, employment related to the USC, or education purposes. ***xx) could continue to have access to his child in close proximity. (Mr x ***xx USC) would sanction a move to the UK of his daughter (******xx) and will invoke court proceedings to stop any move to the UK.

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We met, fell in love and married in the United States.APPROVED Jordan/Rome--unlawful presence I-212 Here is a copy of Tikbj's hardship letter, submitted following a request for evidence from USCIS Rome; no other documentation was submitted with it.It was for previous unlawful presence for her husband, who is a citizen of Jordan.His father died when he was a very young boy and the burden that was placed on his mother to support the family was tremendous.He vowed to his mother to one-day take care of her the way she deserved.It is a small Arab country with inadequate supplies of water (ranked in the top 10 most deficient countries) and other natural resources.

Debt, poverty and unemployment are fundamental problems.

It was to my shock to find out my husband was being forced to return back to his homeland due to legal technicalities that were beyond our control.

I have been talking with my husband on a weekly basis and there is not a day that goes by that he doesn't regret entering the United States illegally, but all he wanted was to make a better life for himself and his mother.

He thought that by going to America he could fulfill his promise to his mother.

This is why he is such a wonderful husband and human being, because he always thinks of others and tries to help them better themselves.

My love for him is great and I have remained a pillar of support for him through all this.