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It promises to 'eliminate traffic' in the city, and claims the first commercial route could be operating in 4 to 5 years The technology uses magnetic levitation to make the vehicles float, and electric power to move them forward.

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The Arrivo test site will be near E-470 and groundbreaking is slated for early 2018.The family legal battle centers on three companies Grynberg created: Gadeco, Pricaspian, and RSM, which in all hold about $230 million in cash reserves and drilling rights that are valued in the billions.The three companies are owned by the children, but given to them under the condition, Grynberg claims, that he be allowed to operate them until the day he dies.The family claim Grynberg bought a $600,000 house for his secretary with corporate funds.They also say he refused to pay an IRS bill of $135million last year, and is running up an interest tab of $20,000 a day on the unpaid bill.Unlike the much faster Hyperloop model being pursued by Elon Musk and others, Arrivo plans to create smaller routes to connect parts of major cities, and promises to 'eliminate traffic' in Denver.

The firm behind the plan says it will connect every part of Denver in 20 minutes.

'The residents, visitors and businesses of Denver will now have a new tool to be anywhere they want to be,' says Bam Brogan.'We are reaching max roads in many cases in Colorado.

Arrivo has a unique and practical approach to implementing hyperloop technology to eliminate traffic and dramatically improve the way people and goods move around the city,' said Shailen Bhatt, Executive Director of CDOT.

The technology uses magnetic levitation to make the vehicles float, and electric power to move them forward.

Additionally, Arrivo's proprietary technology keeps the system moving at full speed and delivers each vehicle directly to its destination.'Arrivo's system is an additional layer of transportation designed to complement existing modes of transportation, connect with the airport, the metro, and even allow people to use it with their own car.

The 85-year-old is battling his wife and three children's attempts to seize the family fortune over claims that he is 'erratic' and has 'questionable judgement', a Monday report in the Denver Post revealed.