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From conducting interviews without speaking the local languages to doing pieces to camera in remote villages and stroking baby elephants after work, it definitely never got boring. Getting ready for the adventure As part of my Masters Degree I opted to do a final video project on the Human- Elephant Conflict (HEC) in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is home to over 5000 wild elephants, relative to its size the largest population of wild elephants in South East Asia.Unlike, its African counterpart the Sri Lankan Elephant commonly lacks a tusk hence why ivory poaching is not as much of an issue as it is in Africa.

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Den tidligere glamourmodellen, nå tv-vertinnen, Dorthe Postboks Grønland, Oslo Fakturaadresse: Storsjøbadet camping dorthe skappel nakenbilder, Thai massasje bergen sentrum samsaya nakenbilder.Guardie e volontari della Società saranno sempre a vostra disposizione per informazioni e consigli. For the first time I got to combine my greatest passions: traveling and storytelling.Deepani Jayantha, an environmental activist and Country Representative for Born Free Foundation, a UK-based NGO that does great work mitigating HEC and protecting wildlife in Sri Lanka and around the world.Working in a place you know is already a challenging task, but to prepare a project from afar in a country you have little knowledge off, where you don’t speak the language and which is culturally very different is a much bigger undertaking.From the start Deepani was a great help with my project.

She offered to take me into the field with her and to help me set up interviews with local farmers, vets and school principals that I would have had a hard time finding myself.

En året runt-öppen camping som ligger vackert beläget endast 3 km från stadens centrum. Tantrisk massasje er en utrolig myk, sensuell og behagelig massasje.

Dieses Standbild ist eigentlich ein Video oder doch nicht?

Ein weiteres tolles Urlaubsportal mit ausgesuchten Ferien-Betrieben, finden Sie unter

und unter Sie sich übers Wandern in Südtirol informieren.

And I got to go back to a place I fell in love with a few months back: Sri Lanka.