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Who is eddie vedder dating

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He is less depressive and manic-rocker tonight and more crooner, an altruist for sure, and the type of poet who writes of love, loss, abandonment, learning to fly alone.

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The surfer had caught the perfect wave, and he was realizing it didn't come from the ocean. He eventually dropped out of school altogether, and after his mom divorced again, he adopted her maiden name and rejoined her in Chicago.Carrying a passion for music—groups like the Sex Pistols, the Who, the Ramones and Black Flag were big influences—Vedder returned to Southern California in 1984 and became a fixture at nightclubs.He also joined several bands, including one called Bad Radio, and worked on developing his sound between stints as a hotel security guard and gas station attendant.Vedder was one of the last members to join the group that became Pearl Jam.With drummer Dave Krusen on board, Pearl Jam released in 1991.

The debut album featured Vedder's impassioned vocals as he belted out tracks like "Alive," "Even Flow" and "Black" above the band's powerful, classic rock-influenced sound.

Irons, who lived in Southern California and had become friends with Vedder, passed a demo tape of the group on to the prospective singer.

Vedder set to work and wrote the lyrics to the songs that became "Alive," "Once" and "Footsteps." When Gossard listened to Vedder's tape, he immediately called him and invited him up to Seattle to join the group.

In 1990, former Mother Love Bone guitarist Stone Gossard had started a new band that consisted of bassist Jeff Ament and lead guitarist Mike Mc Cready.

Needing lyrics for some music he and his bandmates had created, Gossard turned to Jack Irons, formerly of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

For many years, Vedder was led to believe that his stepfather was his biological dad.