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Who is theresa wayman dating

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Especially because the EP was recorded a while ago.

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Yes, they’ve got God-given talent, and yes they’re beautiful, but they’ve worked hard to get where they are now.Getting it out there gives us room to make another record and put out what we feel is happening with us now.Emily: We were just learning how to play together and more than having any ambition to really get out there, it was a little bit more innocent and about the process.I think you come to know what to expect a little bit, whereas being on the road, you’ve got to deal with different PAs, different crowds and places you’ve never been.You just have to let go, do your best, play your best and not really care. Releasing something is great, because for so long we were playing shows without any music that you could listen to in your car.Just find the best way to play with each other no matter what the circumstances are. Emily: It was especially important because we recorded it almost two years ago. Having a product for people to play and listen to has been really good for just raising awareness so people can come see us play live.

That, to me, is the best part of what we’re doing right now – the live stuff.

We don’t have to talk about anything – it just happens.

Most of our tension comes from the difficulty of making time to play together as much as we’d like. Some of the demos that you’ve heard – “Jubilee Day Past”, “Set Your Arms Down”, the song we play live, “Warpaint” – those will be on there. She was moving and she had her little baby and everything was very chaotic and she was driving everywhere in a hot car. The first time she sang it, I just remember that Jenn and I laughed so hard, that we couldn’t stop.

The Echo Park based quartet of Emily Kokal (vocals, guitar), Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass, vocals), Theresa Wayman (vocals, guitar) and Josh “Jocelyn” Klinghoffer – have drawn comparisons to Cat Power, Sonic Youth, Mazzy Star and The Slits. When we’re ready to move forward or we get better, it happens naturally.

Earlier this year they self-released their debut EP, Emily: Yeah. We did a residency at Spaceland last August, and after that, we started playing a lot more local shows and more shows led to opening slots for bands like Little Joy.

"Some of it feels like yesterday but really it was a while ago and I’ve changed a lot. "It’s nice to see what we’ve been through together.